Tuesday, April 10, 2012


I bet I'm going to offend a whole lot of people by saying this, but I am so sick of hearing about this Hunger Games movie. But what has been bothering me more is seeing how many people are bringing their children to see this movie. I know a woman who actually had to argue against this book being mandatory reading at her child's school. How can it be okay to watch this? Maybe I'm ignorant, but from what I've heard, this story is about teens competing to the death. Children dying for entertainment? Why? How is this entertaining and why would you pay $10 for your child to witness it? What is wrong with protecting our children's innocence? There are so many things wrong with the world today - so many demons attacking families, marriages and children. Why invite the attack? Why welcome it into your home? I think we make way too many excuses for society. We start to conform and buy into advertising that convinces us to let evil become acceptable. We let our daughters wear racy clothing - maybe because we think it's cute or maybe because we're reliving our youth through them. We let our sons get away with treating girls with disrespect and forgetting the simplest forms of courtesy. Unfortunately, too many people don't think they're part of the problem. They don't realize that it's little things that snowball and help make our society so morally bankrupt. It's letting kids listen to suggestive music and supporting radio stations that play it. It's buying CDs from "singers" who spew nothing but filth. Oh, it's not that bad, people say. We just play what kids want. What? There are way too many people in authority these days who won't take a stand for what's right - too many people let things slide. And when you let things slide, they will. They will keep getting worse and worse. So please hold on. Hold on to morals and goodness and please, no matter how cool something is, don't give in to popular culture and society. I'd rather my girls didn't fit in than have them fit into the downward spiral this world is stuck in. There's nothing wrong with holding onto innocence.

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